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Therapeutic Horsemanship

Maureen Thompson, Owner and Co-Founder

MaureenDuring an interaction of her bold spirited Arabian mare and her wheelchair bound nephew Maureen witnessed the healing innateness of horses as her mare became the most gentle, docile and willing creature just for him. The joy and wonder on his face was something to behold. It was many years later that she discovered PATH International (2014) and became certified as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) in 2016 which allows her to utilize her knowledge of horses to naturally partner with the heart of the horse to benefit others.

Maureen's journey with horses started as a toddler. For the first few years while the fair was in town her very tolerant father daily after work would take her over to ride the ponies. Then they moved….and Santa brought a Shetland pony and the rest is history!  The adventures they had taught her a natural way of interacting with horses.

While most people only knew of John Lyons in 1995 Maureen discovered Pat Parelli and Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) at a Dr. Robert M. Miller, DVM seminar. With her first Arabian mare and PNH she started on the journey of Love, Language and Leadership (in equal doses) thus adding to the knowledge/skills her Shetland pony first taught her.

Maureen continues to attend clinics and seminars with various clinicians/presenters to expand on her horsemanship and to maintain her ESMHL certification.

Teresa Elvin, Co-Founder

TeresaTeresa had a huge fear of horses until about 2006 when she took her first riding lesson.  She rode consistently for a year and was given her first horse as a Mother’s Day gift.  Her second horse was supposed to be her Dad’s horse but he didn’t want to commit to full ownership so they went in as partners on him.  She was lucky to be able to board them at the same stable where she was taking lessons.  During that time she was exposed to therapeutic riding lessons and was able to see first hand the impact horses have on all individuals. 

In 2012 the Stable went up for sale and Teresa purchased it with the goal to someday offer Equine Assisted Therapy programs.  In 2014 she started on the path to find a certification program, through that process she found the perfect fit for her and the Stable.  In 2016 she was in one of the first groups to be certified through Path International in their new Equine Specialist In Mental Health and Learning program. It fit her and her belief that a horse does not need to be ridden to have a profound affect on a person’s overall health and well-being. 

The education process Teresa has been exposed to during this time is phenomenal. She has traveled to and hosted countless clinics to expand her knowledge in all areas of horses and humans.

Teresa can’t wait to share her stable, horses and knowledge as  they strive to enrich the lives of individuals one hoof beat at time.


ReoReo is a Spotted Saddle Horse and came to Whispering Woods in 2007 at the age of 7. He just loves everyone he meets and will stand for hours to be groomed and scratched.  Reo will adjust to his environment and if someone needs some extra care and confidence – he is the one.  He will just stand and wait for our clients to be ready…with a strong but sensitive and calming energy.



SunnySunny is a Tennessee Walking Horse and he came to Whispering Woods in 2007, we believe his birthday is somewhere around 1993.  He was Reo’s best friend at their other home so he just had to come too.  Sunny handles grooming but it is not his favorite thing to do, he’s much better at teaching people how to be quite calm, and have a low energy level around him.  He will tell you in a very safe but clear way how he feels about what is going on at any given moment.


JBJB is a Tennessee Walking Horse/Missouri FoxTrotter cross and his birthday is around 2006.  JB was the next to join our family in 2013.  We saw him for the first time in February and it had just snowed.  He ran through his pasture and the fallen snow with a sweet energy and our first comments were look at him he is beautiful and jet black.    Once coming to Whispering Woods, we called him JB for JetBlack.  He has a sweet and calming personality and just fills the barn with a quiet peace.


BodegaBodega came in 2015 from a friend of ours in TN.  He is a Tennessee Walking Horse and his birthday is in 2010.  He is the barn clown and always there to make people laugh.  He can’t stand still, he has to be on the move, no toys next to Bodega or they go flying.  His personality is a bit more energetic and he likes to keep things moving along.


TuckerLast but not least, Tucker came to us in 2019.  We believe his birthday is in 2003 and he is a draft cross.  He was adopted at 4 months old by his previous owner and has lived in Maine since.  He is new to our programs but he also has a strong quiet personality and will be the first to come to you when out in the pasture.  He just loves attention and has a sweet but positive solid energy. We look forward to seeing him grow in our programs.

Our Minis

minisOur mini herd has been a part of Whispering Woods since 2012.  We started with 3 and now have 7.  Some were planned, some were a last minute decision and 1 was a complete surprise.  They all have their own special place in our programs. Some are quiet and reserved, some are anxiously awaiting to meet people and some are the strong bold type.  Their birthdays range from 2003 to 2020.  You can never have a bad day when socializing with a mini.

Whoopsie Daisy


Our other farm family members include goats, chickens, rabbits and of course cats.

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